Thursday, March 01, 2007
I wanted to let you know about the huge anniversary bash Sunday at GDS . There will be games and freebies and sales! I love the games there, by the way. It will be a lot of fun! Here is a preview of something new I have in the store there:

I don't have the 8.5x11 version done yet, because I am working on freebies for the game I am hosting at GDS on Sunday! The prizes are great, and not that hard to earn. So, don't miss it!

On a side note:

There should be a law against this!
My kid's school sent home a note today saying that a registered sex offender has just moved in across the street from the school and that parents should be on alert. So basically, he moves in across the street and the 1200 kids that attend school there are at risk! We have a neighborhood school too (no buses), so all of the kids walk to school unless they are disabled. There should be a law against that, especially since his crime was against a child. I guess there isn't anything I can do, but stay with my kids when they are walking. Any comments on this?


Anonymous said...

I think there is a law that tells them they have to stay so far away from any schools. You might outa look into it. There is always something you can do!!

Myxi said...

Different states have different laws. They also look at the offenders differently too. In our state the registered sexual offender can be close to schools, but the registered sexual predator cannot. I see no difference in the two classifications myself. Once they have been convicted, they are all need to stay away from children PERIOD.
The really bad part is that we never really know who they are unless they register, which many do not and then we don't find out until it is too late.
Write your Congressman. If we all stick together on the way WE want them treated, the government cannot ignore us.
In the meantime, if you are in a close neighborhood, set up a child watch with other SAH parents to watch the kids who are walking. Assign each parent a 3-4 house area to watch daily, while the kids are enroute to and from school. All they have to do is step outside the front door for a couple hours each day to watch as they walk by their homes. No cost is too much when the safety of our children is concerned.

Muriel said...

OMG How horrible, I have a little girl whois in first grade and if i found out a registered sex offender had moved in across the street from the school I would not care if he "paid his debt to society" as they are usually repeat offenders i would so rally all the neighborhood parents and get a petition and i would be finding out who his parole/probation officer was and then I know for a fact my daughter would be going to a different school even if it was private and/or homeschool. There are just too may crimes against children nowadays and let it seems like no one cares enought o take the precautionary measures to stop or at least do everything in their power to prevent it. Just my honest opinion.

Eline Greveling-Prins said...

I live in the netherlands.( forgive me if I make mistakes in my English) Over here the police don't even tell you if there is a sexual offender in your neighbourhood or in the neighbourhood of the school.There is a rumor that there is a sexual offender living in my street, but the police won't admitt it, but don't deny it either. The say : watch your children en tell them to be carefull!
It's scary to know that sexual offenders are free to be in your childrens neigbourhood and you don't even know that the are sexual offenders.
I walk my children to school every day. The can only play outside when they are with a group of children, never alone.
Andrea, I hope there is something you can do about this, so you can be sure your children are safe from this person.
Good luck!

H.Green said...

I would hope that if the school took the time to send home a note about the sex offender that they will at least beef up their security around the school or something. There are laws about sex offenders being a certain distance from a school but I don't think it's all that far. There's also a website where you can look up how many are in your own neighborhood. I wish I could remember what that link was. Anyone know???

H.Green said...

Here is a site where you can search, you can even click on each one and it shows you a picture...kind of creepy actually:

Sarah said...

I completely agree there should be a law! We actually have 2 that are right by the school, right by my house! I wish there was something I could do.

Gail said...

I'm surprised - in Idaho they can't live within 500 feet of school property (which is still too close to me). But they do have to live somewhere. Across the street would make me very uncomfortable. I would try to find the state with the strictest laws and try to get the state legislature to pass them.

Anonymous said...

Several states do have laws against sex offenders living within 500 feet a school - Missouri and Texas do also. So you'd have to check into your state laws or try to petition your senator to get one like it passed.


Andrea said...

Utah doesn't have such a law! In fact, here is what city passed a law that they can't live within 500 feet of schools or parks. I guess there was some wording that someone considered unfair in the ordinance and a major law suit got filed against the city. So, they repealed the ordinance and are re-working the law. In the mean time, nothing can stop them from moving right next to the school or playground!

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