Saturday, October 18, 2008

Well, my little Ian is about 9 months old now and he army crawls everywhere and get's into everything.  He figured out how to get out of his exersaucer today.  He leans way over the edge and grabs on until his weight shifts it far enough over that it dumps him out on his little head.  You would think that would hurt, but he just rolls over and away he goes!  Here's a picture of him tipping over the exersaucer:


Here is a layout I created with my Discover kit:


He found a piece of paper on the floor that my daughter had drawn a picture on with markers of course and he put it in his mouth and made a mess!  I swear to you, my kids are just born spunky!  I made a template out of the layout for you:


Download expired.

Thanks for the comments!


Jennifer_C said...

Thanks for the lovely template!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. I've never seen a baby get out of those things.

Thanks for the lovely templates.
By the way the link to post a comment shows up in white on my screen I don't know if it does for others as well but it isn't easy to find.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Very cute layouts. Thanks for the tmeplate.

vana said...

Spunkiness is an awesome trait! My kids have it in spades and I love it! You are so blessed.

Thank you for the cute template!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the template! Thank you for bringing back a memory. My boy is a man now. No picture taken at the time but seeing your cutie reminded me of a few things my boy did when he was young. lol

Jody said...

Your photos bring back memories from 30-40 years ago of my 4 children. We didn't have exersaucers then, but they found ways to climb out of the old wooden playpen and of course were forever getting into things. Unfortunately many things back then were not edible!

Somehow we survived it all and they are now all healthy adults having fun with their own kids.

Thanks for another wonderful template.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much

Kathy said...

Thank U for sharing! =)

Caryn said...

Andrea, that is too funny! You certainly have your hands full there ;)
Love the LO - and that's such a brilliant title - he he he. Snack...LOL!

Thanks for sharing your template. I'm a real fan :)

Sharon Kay said...

how funny on your little one and the marker page! amazing what they can get into! ...and the way he found out how to get out of that've got a monkey on your hands! better keep a close close eye on him! lol TY for the template

Anonymous said...

That picture of your little guy in the exersaucer made me smile. Amazing the things their little minds come up with. :) Thanks for yet another great template.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much!

JulieBee in Iowa said...

Thank you for the pretty templates. I love your photos of your escape artist. What gorgeous blue lips he has. LOL. Wonderful stuff.

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